iRacing Daytona 24 Hours Recap

The iRacing Daytona 24 hours took place last weekend, in which the Puresims teams and drivers displayed plenty of determination after several setbacks.

Our 116 GT3 squad managed to reach the top split of the event, and despite a disappointing qualifying ending up 18th in class, it looked set to be a strong showing after the order had shaken out after the opening stints.

Whilst running in 6th place, the car was heavily damaged as a consequence of contact from an over ambitious LMP2 car at the bus stop. Lengthy repairs sent them tumbling down the order.

The drivers, keen to salvage a result, kept going through the night with strong and consistent laptimes to reach the checkered flag in 13th place.

Our 116 LMP2 squad had an equally dramatic race, including technical issues, an earthquake affecting one of our drivers’ stints, and a chase to the flag.

After qualifying in 13th, the opening gambit of the race was quite steady. Our car running in P8 with most of the leading pack saving fuel which would pay dividends later in the race. As the race developed the team ended up in a battle for the lead before a technical issue set us back by almost 2 laps.

Driver Paulo Munoz, who was running solidly through the night was alarmed during one of his stints, as an earthquake occured where he was situated. Despite this. Paulo continued on with a great degree of calm, completed his stints and handed over to one of his co-drivers.

Despite all these setbacks, the team ended up in second place with the checkered flag fast approaching. The gap however was too large and the team finished in a fantastic second place.

Nicol Foggie had set the fastest lap of the race in the split, which later transpired to be the fastest lap of the race across the many race splits that took place. A fantastic achievement in itself.

Our 117 and 118 crews had a more difficult experience, with the 117’s race lasting less than ten minutes. An audacious move causing an hour’s repair ended their hopes on the spot.

The 118 car had started strongly from pole, leading the opening hours of the race comfortably before being damaged severely by an LMP2 car.

After taking repairs the car was still down on speed owing to the accident, but persevered and maximised their chances to claim P8 by the end.

Christian Rose
[email protected]