Puresims secure top 10 at Bathurst

12 hectic hours of racing at the infamous Mount Panorama circuit, avoiding the walls, saving fuel as well as the 50+ competitors vying for the same piece of real estate provided plenty of drama for the Puresims teams and drivers.

The 116 Puresims Esports Audi R8 GT3 qualified strongly in P14 with Daniel Ferguson at the helm, despite losing a lap with a slight brush to the wall. Utilising good pace and consistency whilst deploying a fuel saving strategy, allowed them to stay out 1 lap longer than other competitors gradually moved the team up to 10th place. It was a tense final hour, as the car was being hunted down by the Huracan GT3 of Ronin Simsport, but Tyler Hervias pressed on, keeping clear of the mountain’s walls to hold 10th in top split. A great result for the trio which included Dion Fiallo as a guest driver for this race.

Joining the 116 in top split were the crew of the 117 Audi. Starting in P30, Nicol Foggie became one of the biggest movers of the race picking off car after car and managing to move up to one place behind the 116 after the first round of stops. As temperatures at Bathurst climbed Daniel Craft was faced with the difficult task of keeping up the fast pace whilst also on the same fuel saving strategy as the 116. However, shortly into David Baker’s stint on fresh, cold tyres led to disaster striking at McPhillamy Park. An uncontrollable slide into the wall resulting in substantial damage, requiring repairs. The team were able to bring the car home in P29.

After a great qualifying session in the 118, Morgan Butler put the car in P6, the team were a victim of another teams mistake when the R8 GT3 was hit at the rear as they went through Skyline. This contact damaged the car and caused them to lose time and positions. A subsequent contact within the first hour put the car into the wall and put an early end to the 118’s race.



Christian Rose
[email protected]