Simtrec UK Distributor

We are proud to announce that we are now the official UK Distributor for Simtrec. Securing this partnership with Simtrecs means we can offer you guys one of the best engineered pedal systems that are currently on the market today. These pedals are going to become the ‘must have pedal system’ in the sim racing industry. The hybrid system between both mechanically and hydraulic means you get the best of both worlds along with the wide range of adjustability.

Simtrec announced at the start of the year their ProPedal GT set long with the ProPedal Baseplate which comes in both wide and narrow. Since announcing there has been a lot of heads turned and pre-orders made. What we love about this product is the praise that Barry Rowland at Sim Racing Garage gave Simtrec, he spoke very highly of their system and was not able to fault theml.

Sim Racing Garage Video – Watch Now

SmartDrive Software

One of the things we love most is the SmartDrive software, giving you complete freedom to configure all three pedals exactly to your liking. This means you can fine turn each pedal individually to each car and track.

Throttle Adjustments

Brake Adjustments

Clutch Adjustments


Ashley Sutton
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