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Modular Sims Rig Systems

Are You Searching For A Sim Racing Rig?

Are you a sim racer? Do you know sim racing enthusiasts that could benefit from a sim racing cockpit? Our team here at Pure Sims are on hand to help create the highest quality sim racing experience available to all sim racers; whether you are a beginner or an advanced gamer, our sim rigs will provide you with everything you need to have the best racing position possible.

When racing on a sim set-up, your seating position can make all the difference, affecting lap times, pedal sets and much more; it can spoil your race if your seat is not in the right place. Luckily for sim racers, we can provide you with sim racing cockpit that will work for you; when you are searching for modular rigs, all you need to get is to take a look at our collection; you can save space with our sim rigs. Get in touch to find out more information today.

Modular Rigs For All Sim Racers

When it comes to choosing the proper modular rig for you and your setup, you need to consider how you like to sit, the seat you have and also the gear you use when driving; all of this needs to be considered at the same way you would consider when sim rigs if you were buying a new chair. Considering the space you have available, the steering wheel you use and your seat will help you decide which is the proper sim rig for you. The final thing to consider is the cost you are looking to spend; all sim racers have different budgets.

If you choose a high-end sim rig, it will create a higher force which with some equipment such as pedals, seat and wheel options can flex; this is when the rig itself moves when it is under strain when it is not supposed to. Your sim racing cockpit needs to be stable and secure to provide you with the best race feeling.

Racing Simulator Cockpits & Rigs

Using a racing sim rig allows you to improve your track times and lap times and provides a complete sim racing experience. If you have just started your sim racing journey, you might find you are attaching your wheel to the desk for support; you will be able to sit down and enjoy a smooth racing position that allows for focused sim racing.

A sim racing cockpit comes with the ability to adjust your seat, pedals and more; you can choose from a range of rigidity options, chassis lengths and adjustable seats. The selection of modular rigs available at Pure Sims is second to none; we have everything you need for the perfect racing experience.

Choose Pure Sims For Modular Sims Rigs Today

Whether you are already part of the sim racing community or looking to join a sim racing enthusiasts group, our team here at Pure Sims is on hand to provide you with the unique engineering of sim rigs. Technology continues to advance, and our sim racing cockpit options will do the same, ours are the best on the market, and we offer only competitive prices.

If you would like to find out more information about the products we can offer, give us a call today; we can discuss whether your setup is compatible with specific rigs and discuss which frame is right for you.
Please contact our team for more information; we are always happy to help; we love sim racing and are always more than happy to share our knowledge!