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Ascher F28-SC Wheel – V2

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Key Features

  • Simucube Wireless Wheel™
  • 285mm diameter
  • ergonomic grips covered in original LEATHER®
  • 12 x push buttons with tactile feeling
  • 2 x multifunctional 7-way joysticks
  • magnetic paddle shifters
  • labels for various common steering wheel inputs

Ascher F28-SC Wheel – V2

Ascher Racing f28 sc v2 For The Avid Sim Racer

The Ascher Racing F28-SC Wheel V2 is a pinnacle of sim racing technology, specially engineered to provide an unparalleled driving experience for Simucube 2 users. This highly advanced steering wheel is outfitted with multi-functional switches that allow various customisable inputs, providing a versatile and immersive racing session.

The magnetic paddle shifters also deliver precise and responsive gear changes, mimicking the tactile feel of a real-life racing car’s gearbox.

The wheel’s construction is equally impressive, featuring a CNC-machined housing crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium, offering both durability and a sleek, professional appearance.

These features combine to make the F28-SC Wheel V2 a wheel and a high-value investment into your sim racing career.


Elevate Your Racing Game to New Heights

Elevate your racing game to unprecedented heights with the Ascher Racing F28-SC Wheel V2. This cutting-edge wheel, designed for the serious sim racer, seamlessly integrates with Simucube 2 systems to offer unparalleled control and realism.

With its multi-functional switches and magnetic paddle shifters, you’ll enjoy a level of responsiveness that mimics the intricacies of a real-world racing cockpit.

The wheel is housed in a CNC-machined enclosure made of aerospace-grade aluminium, ensuring high performance and long-lasting durability. If you want to gain a competitive edge and fully immerse yourself in the sim racing world, the Ascher Racing F28-SC Wheel V2 is your ticket to the fast lane.


The Ascher f28 sc wheel v2 Inputs Maximum Signal Quality!

Experience unparalleled signal quality with the Ascher F28-SC Wheel V2’s highly optimised input mechanisms.

Designed for the dedicated sim racer, this wheel boasts state-of-the-art multi-functional switches and magnetic paddle shifters that ensure maximum signal fidelity. This translates into ultra-precise controls, allowing you to execute split-second manoeuvres accurately.

Whether you’re downshifting into a hairpin turn or navigating through complex chicanes, the signal quality from this wheel delivers a level of responsiveness that is second to none.

Enhance your sim racing setup with the F28-SC Wheel V2 and experience a new benchmark in signal quality.


Order Your Ascher f28 sc wheel v2 Online Today!

Don’t miss out on the ultimate sim-racing experience—order your Ascher F28-SC Wheel V2 online today! As the preferred choice for Simucube 2 users, this state-of-the-art wheel sets a new standard for realism, responsiveness, and durability.

With its multi-functional switches and magnetic paddle shifters housed in a CNC-machined, aerospace-grade aluminium enclosure, this wheel offers unparalleled value. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a newcomer to the world of sim racing, the F28-SC Wheel V2 is your ticket to the podium.

Secure yours now and elevate your racing game to levels you’ve never experienced before.


Simucube Wireless Wheel™

wireless connection to SC2

SC1 (Simucube 1): additional receiver module required!

low latency

low energy consumption: 2-3 years of battery life on heavy daily usage

standard 14250 Lithium battery for maximum capacity

easy to swap battery via backside access window

button inputs via Simucube – no additional Windows controller

hot swapping wheels in-game without reconfiguring inputs

maximum signal quality via external stub antenna 


28 Inputs

12 x push buttons with positive tactile feeling

4 x protective button guards

2 x multifunctional 7-way joysticks (4 directions / rotate clock- anticlockwise/ push button)

2 x paddle shifters


High Quality Finish

machined out of automotive aluminium

black anodised and laser-engraved

brushed front plate surface finish

glass bed blasted paddle surface finish


Magnetic Paddle Shifters

CNC machined and anodised out of automotive aluminium

strong snap-action force

alternative magnets to reduce force included

silenced due to no metal-on-metal contact

extremely durable automotive switch


Button Labels

50 pcs each black and white

labels for various common steering wheel inputs 


General Information

285 mm wheel diameter

6 x 70 mm bolt pattern

M5 x 12 mm stainless screws to mount QR included

Quick Release not included

weight: 1000 g



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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 54 × 33 × 15 cm




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