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Asetek Invicta Quick Release Adapter

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Key Features

  • Quick and secure locking mechanism
  • Universal Compatability
  • Zero-latency Connectivity
  • Compact Design
  • Integrated Invicta quick-release adapter

Asetek Invicta Quick Release Adapter

Asetek Invicta Quick Release Adapter: The Pinnacle Of Sim Racing Convenience

Elevate your sim racing adventures to new heights with the Asetek Invicta Quick Release Adapter, an innovative game-changer that combines superior performance with unparalleled convenience.

With its advanced locking mechanisms and high-grade materials, this adapter is a quintessential upgrade for any sim racing setup. Ideal for both seasoned pros and avid newcomers, this adapter serves as your gateway to a more engrossing and fluid sim racing journey.

With its easy-to-use interface and robust construction, it’s designed to make wheel changes quick and efficient, ensuring you spend less time on setup and more time on the virtual track.

It’s not just an accessory; it’s an investment in a richer, more fulfilling sim racing experience. It has been designed to fit onto any Asetek Simsports wheelbase; please check with our team to ensure it is suitable for your wheels if they are other brands.

This separate Invicta quick release is an excellent product for any Sim Racer! Asetek are undoubtedly the best wheel manufacturer on the market if you want to pair your wheel with a quick release!


Unleash the possibilities with the Invicta Quick Release Adapter!

We realise that many sim racers have personal preferences for their steering wheel, so instead of locking you into a specific eco-system, we offer our Quick Release Adapter, meaning you can use your favourite steering wheel with your Asetek SimSports® Wheelbase.

Changing steering wheels has never been easier. Once you have installed the Quick Release Adapter, press a paddle to detach the wheel from the wheelbase, and it will be effortlessly in your hands. As easy as shifting gears!

The Invicta™ Quick Release adapter is a sturdy, zero-play, all-aluminium quick release with an optional USB connection. You can connect your wheel directly to your Asetek SimSports® Wheelbase through the QR.

Featuring both 6×70 mm and 2″ bolt patterns, maximising compatibility.

“While we can guarantee a perfect fit to any Asetek SimSports wheelbase and the industry standard mounting hole pattern, we can NOT assume responsibility for compatibility with your 3rd party steering wheel. Neither electronically nor mechanically. We follow industry standards for USB but do not have the resources to test every steering wheel on the market. We are also not in control over future hardware and firmware revisions of 3rd party products, which may or may not compromise compatibility. Please understand and accept this BEFORE buying.”


Quick, Secure, and Effortless

Say goodbye to the complexities and time-consuming adjustments of traditional sim racing setups. Thanks to its rapid and robust locking system, the adapter allows you to seamlessly swap out steering wheels in seconds while maintaining peak performance and unwavering stability.


Universal Fit for Limitless Racing

Designed with universal compatibility, the Asetek Invicta Quick Release Adapter effortlessly integrates with many steering wheels and sim racing setups. Now, you can switch between different racing styles and games without needing multiple adapters.


Durable and Reliable

Constructed from premium-grade materials like aluminium and stainless steel, this quick-release adapter is built to withstand intense racing sessions. Trust in its durability to provide consistent, long-lasting performance.


Zero-Latency for Real-Time Racing

Experience real-time responsiveness with the adapter’s zero-latency connectivity. Every manoeuvre you make is instantly transmitted, making your actions on the track as fluid and precise as possible.


Additional Features:

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Optimised torque transfer for a realistic racing experience
  • Tool-free installation for quick and easy setup
  • Integrated electrical contacts for reduced cable clutter
  • Built-in safety features to prevent accidental disconnections


The Asetek Advantage

Choose the Asetek Invicta Quick Release Adapter for a sim racing experience beyond the ordinary. Its state-of-the-art features and robust construction make it the perfect addition to any sim racing setup, elevating your game to the next level.

Unlock the ultimate racing experience. Order your Asetek Invicta Quick Release Adapter today!




Exquisite, radical, and minimalistic industrial design

Designed and manufactured in Denmark

All black anodised aluminium

Three lengths included: 80 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm (total Quick Release lengths)


75 x 78 x 80/150/200 mm




Outer mounting holes: 6 x 70 mm bolt pattern. 6 x M5x12 screws included

Inner mounting holes: 3/6 x 50,8 mm M5 threaded. Used when mounting from inside the wheel. 6 x M5x12 countersunk screws included (pre-installed)





Asetek Simsports® Invicta Direct ™ Drive Wheelbase

Asetek Simsports® Forte® Direct Drive Wheelbase

Asetek SimSports® La Prima™ Direct Drive Wheelbase

All Steering Wheels feature a 6×70 mm or 2″ bolt pattern



SKU 40-035-0035007Categories Asetek, Wheel Accessories

Weight5 kgDimensions40 × 30 × 20 cm


SKU 40-035-0035007 Categories ,

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm

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