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  • Silicone Handles
  • Magnetic Shifters
  • Carbon Fibre Plate
  • Dual Clutch

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By popular demand we present the GSI GXL Pro. The second model in the GSI line up offers many of the same features as the Formula Pro Elite but with a more slim design and a screenless silhouette.

It has an uncompromising level of strength in construction and a stunning visual aesthetic. The level of comfort from the GSI silicone handles is second to none, the GXL also features the GSI “CEMS” magnetic gear shifters that are constructed out of a solid block of 6061 aluminum and provide a crisp and tactile feedback on up and down shifts.

The wheel consists of 3 core materials. 5mm Carbon Fiber in Matte Twill, 6061 Aluminum body parts and direct injection silicone rubber handles for maximum grip and comfort.This is the perfect wheel for the no nonsense competitive sim racer.

The GSI Formula Pro Elite is the next level up from the GSI GXL Pro


GXL Pro Variations:

  • Prime
  • Crimson
  • Onyx
  • Omega
  • Alpha
  • Sapphire
  • Tony Kanaan


Features include….

  • 5mm Thick Carbon Fiber Face Plate
  • 310mm Diameter
  • 70mm threaded bolt pattern
  • Connection via USB
  • 7 Way Funky Switch
  • 10 momentary buttons
  • 5 Rotary Encoders (with push button functionality)
  • Aluminum Magnetic Shifters
  • Each wheel comes with an extra sheet of both rotary labels and button labels.


Compatible with Simucube, VRS, Accuforce and Fanatec DD bases. (Fanatec Podium Hub, Accuforce QR are needed for those bases per manufacture)






Also another great addition to the GXL Pro is the GSI Hub along with the XERO Play Quick Release. Both of these combined together make changing the steering wheel much easier, it can also help with getting in and out of your cockpit. 



If you love sim racing the way our team does here at Puresims, all you need to do when buying a new GSI GXL Pro is get in touch with our team. At Puresims, you can find a range of Sim-Lab cockpits perfect for every system; whether you are a professional sim racer or just starting, our team have vast knowledge, so we can help you figure out which system is right for you.

For quick next-day delivery across the UK, you can also get your hands on a range of sim racing accessories, including complete rigs and more!

Find out more about our team right here! 

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 26 × 16 cm

Alpha, Crimson, Omega, Onyx, Prime, Sapphire, Tony Kanaan

Paddle Shifters

Aluminium Shifters, Carbon Fibre Shifters

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