Jinx Sequential Shifter V2

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Jinx Shifter – A Hassle-free Operation For Sim Racing

You are in the right place for one of the Sim Racing community’s realistic sequential shifters! The Jinx sequential has been designed solely for Sim Racing use. They have been built to provide the ultimate accuracy and meet world-class quality standards. Every single model of the Jinx shifter is individually assembled and tested before delivery, meaning you can expect the highest quality every time.

Dubbed the ‘Ferrari’ of shifters, you can pick them up for a regular price rather than an inflated price for a product that does not work as well; not only that, with our team here at Pure Sims, you can benefit from cheap shipping costs.

You can find out contact details and our payment options below, or browse the entire page for all of the Jinx Sequential Shifter options we have available.


Key Features Of The Jinx Sequential Shifter

  • 100% Aluminium – plastic USB cable
  • Hand-crafted
  • Thoroughly tested before heading to its shipping destination
  • Standard USB connector
  • Easy plug-and-play system
  • Includes controller and USB
  • Accessible mobile device charging port
  • 6-month Warranty.


Hand-Crafted High-Quality Jinx Shifters

Most Sim Racers will find that shifters are made en-masse; when companies do this, you might find that that quality is compromised for fast production, the space key might fall off, and then arrow keys come loose. Still, with the Jinx Sequential Shifter, you will find they are second to none due to the hand-crafted design.

This Australian company took inspiration from the Aussie V8 supercars used on track events in the country; designing the shifter to look and feel real was essential to the company, providing Sim Racers with the V8 supercar experience.


PC Compatible For ALL Sim Racing Games

With the famous plug-and-play system that the Jinx sequential Shifter has been designed to have, it is compatible with all PC sim racing games. However, it is not suitable for consoles!

Please keep that in mind when looking to order a Jinx Sequential Shifter; other than that, they are great for making installation a quick and easy process!

With more payment options available than ever, why not purchase the BEST shifter on the market today? Add it to your basket and head to the checkout for fast UK delivery, or how about hiring one of our Jinx Shifters? 


Customising the featured detent allows you, the driver, to strengthen or weaken the shift to your desired feel.


The Jinx Shifter is mountable to any flat surface or can be adapted onto any 8020 rigs.  We supply you with two 8mm bolts, making installation quick and hassle-free.


Jinx Shifters are supplied with a USB, PC-based plug-and-play game controller.

The Jinx Shifter includes a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.

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