VARIO™ Triple Monitor Mount

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The VARIO™ Triple monitor mount makes it possible to perfectly align your monitors and enjoy your triple screen setup how its supposed to be



  • High Quality aluminium profiles
  • VARIO Vesa™ mounts included
  • Full control for best monitor alignment
  • Aluminium Profile Colour – Black

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VARIO™ Triple monitor mount

Introducing the VARIO™ Triple monitor mount. With the first edition of the SIM-LAB triple monitor mount 6 years ago, we set the bar. Today we raise the bar again by combining all the new developments into this new version.

Our patented VARIO™ Vesa Adapters make it possible to micro-adjust your monitors up / down / left & right so they are always aligned with each other. The new aluminium extrusion profiles with one side closed really finished off this kit making it look clean and stylish.

The VARIO™ Triple monitor mount can be used with up to 43″ inch-sized monitors.


Pivot adapters

With the Xero-Play™ pivot adapters the sag in the arm is eliminated. The side-arms of the triple monitor stand are fused together, without losing the adjustability and degrees of freedom. 


VARIO™ Vesa Adapters

Proven to be a huge success, our patented VARIO™ VESA Adapters are widely used by sim racers to get their monitors perfectly aligned. Now they are included in the VARIO Triple monitor mount kit.

These adapters allow micro-adjustments to the position of all 3 monitors, making it able for the first time to truly get “it right”!


Eye For Every Detail

The VARIO™  Triple Monitor kit is finished with engraved profiles, aluminium cap washers and custom profiles with one flat side for a very clean looking finish.


Compatibility VARIO™ Triple Monitor Mount

Type 75/100

  • Central profile height adjustable from 50-110 cm
  • Compatible with monitors with VESA 75×75 or VESA 100×100
  • Normal 16:9 aspect ratio monitors up until 32 Inch


Type 100/200

  • All compatibility options as 75/100 version
  • Compatible with monitors with VESA 100×100 or 200×200
  • Normal 16:9 aspect ratio monitors VESA 100 up until 35 Inch
  • Normal 16:9 aspect ratio monitors VESA 200 up until 42 Inch
  • Wide 21:9 aspect ratio monitors up until 32 Inch


What’s included

  • Aluminium profiles and mounting materials
  • VARIO™ Vesa Adapters
  • Xero-Play™ Pivot Adapters
  • Hardware for mounting monitors
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 120 × 18 × 18 cm

100/200mm, 75/100mm

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