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Simucube Active Pedal

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Key Features

Are you looking for a brake pedal for your Sim Racing set-up? Do you want a pedal with an integrated force feedback system? If so, you are in the right place! The Simucube Active Pedal is a fully customisable, telemetry-enhanced sim racing pedal.

Based on simulator telemetry data, the race is given an entirely new dimension with limitless adjustability, repeatability, and force feedback effects. The Simucube ActivePedal may be adjusted to whatever you wish, and once you find your ideal setting, the feeling won’t change again.

Simucube Active Pedal functions as a clutch, brake, and throttle. It is intended to be the final pedal a competitive sim racer uses. With accurate physical pedal profiles, it will become the first and only pedal you will turn to when you need one. Simucube active pedals are a feat of pure genius. 

  • Configure as a brake, throttle, or clutch
  • Maintenance free
  • ABS feedback
  • Force feedback
  • Traction control
  • 200kg brake pressure

Simucube Active Pedal



A fully customisable, software-defined sim racing pedal with telemetry effects is called the Simucube Active Pedal. It gives the race a new dimension with limitless adjustability, repeatability, and simulator telemetry data-based force feedback effects.

The Simucube Active Pedal may be adjusted in any way you choose, and once you discover the correct setting, the sensation is fixed for good.

The Simucube Active Pedal can be utilised as a clutch, brake, or throttle. It was created to be the final pedal a professional sim racer requires. All you need to do is follow the Simucube link to learn everything you need to know about this linear axis brake pedal; it offers a better driving feel than the current passive pedals and will, without a doubt, be your last pedal.

Simucube Activepedal – Suitable For All Sim Racers

In the force feedback pedal world, the Simucube Pedals emerge as a groundbreaking innovation, redefining the standards for sim racing enthusiasts across the spectrum, from weekend warriors to esports professionals.

These pedals are meticulously designed to accommodate an extensive range of driving styles and preferences, offering unmatched precision and versatility. With the ability to finely adjust brake pressure, racers can experience unprecedented control and responsiveness, making every cornering manoeuvre and acceleration feel genuinely lifelike.

The robust build and effortless compatibility with diverse racing setups underscore the Simucube Pedals’ adaptability, cementing their position as the go-to choice for those dedicated to elevating their sim racing prowess and immersion.


Design your ideal pedal with unparalleled customisation options. Tailor the brake pressure to an impressive 150kg, adjust the pedal travel distance, brake air gap, ABS, and traction control to suit your preferences. When utilised as a pedal game controller support tool, this brake provides the flexibility and functionality desired, ensuring it meets all your requirements and preferences.


No rubbers, messy oil, springs, hydraulic cylinders, or critical parts are needed for service and replacement. Experience unlimited adjustability, repeatability, and more without needing rubbers, messy oil, springs, hydraulic cylinders, or frequent servicing and replacing critical parts.


Utilise simulator telemetry data and accurate force feedback in pedals. Combine it with the Simucube wheelbase for a truly immersive experience.


You can imitate the setup of real race cars, quickly load & save real time between different profiles, and there’s no manual maintenance required. Multiple patents are pending.

Editable tactile feeling

Simucube craftsmanship

ABS feedback

RPM feedback

Make it a brake, throttle, or clutch

True force feedback pedal


Zero-wearing materials mean zero maintenance.

Total consistency with no mechanical adjustments necessary. Just focus on the race.

Order Your Simucube Active Pedal From Pure Sims Today!

Secure your Simucube Active Pedal from Pure Sims today and elevate your sim racing experience to new heights! These cutting-edge pedals offer unmatched precision and adaptability, tailored to meet the demands of racers at all levels.

With unparalleled force feedback, customisable settings, and robust construction, the Simucube Active Pedal is the ultimate addition to your racing setup.

Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your performance and realism on the virtual track. Place your order now and join the elite community of sim racers who choose nothing but the best.

Package contents:

Simucube ActivePedal

Power supply (country-specific cable)

SC Link

USB cable

Ethernet RJ45 cable (the connection between SC Link and ActivePedal)

Fixing screws

Torx Allen key

Quick Start Guide



12 kg52 × 46 × 42 configuration

Single Pedal, Two Pedals, Three Pedals, Add-on


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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 52 × 46 × 42 cm

Single Pedal, Two Pedals, Three Pedals, Add-on

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