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Got a shopping list? Head over and check out our store; we have hundreds of Sim-Lab Products on our store for you to select from. You can build a complete simulator or just buy the odd accessory to complete your sim racing rig.


There are a few ways to proceed with payment; you can check out through our secured card payment system or PayPal. We also offer a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later scheme, which means you can finance your simulator. 


All orders will be shipped the same day if ordered by 1 PM. You should receive your order within one working day. If it is an overseas shipment, you will have to allow a few extra days for this process. All seats can take up to 2 working days.

Sim-lab UK Distributor 


We are the Official UK Distributor for the market-leading brand Sim-lab Products. We offer a wide range of sim racing games and equipment for new players and the best sim racers.  


Brexit and the outcome we have faced as a country have thrown a lot of uncertainty within the Sim racing market. Customers have become reluctant to buy outside of the UK, worried about hidden fees and delivery delays. This is where we have stepped in, and with this new partnership, you now don’t have to worry about any unexpected bills.


Whether you are looking to join a sim racing community with sim racers dedicated to the game, or you need accessories such as racing wheel and steering wheel options, we are the only place every sim racer in the UK should choose to shop.


What we can offer you is ‘Next Day Delivery if your order is placed before 3pm and highly competitive prices, finding a racing simulator company that works for you can be an official game changer, let our sim racing setups change your experience.


Ultra-Low Latency

Reaction time is everything when it comes to overtaking opponents or taking corrective action to prevent loss of tire grip. The simulator’s ultra-low latency keeps the driver a step ahead and naturally removes barriers between the simulated world and the driver.

There is no latency in the real world, and neither is the perfect simulation. Humans are naturally built to perform optimally in such a world.

Force Feedback

By coupling a wheel directly to a high-speed responding direct drive torque motor, the Driver will open a straight portal into the physics of the simulated race car and track. Such an ideal torque transducer adds nothing of its own to be felt – it’s just a pure connection to the road.

Direct drive is the only known method to achieve sub-millisecond latency and real-life race car dynamic range – the keys to true transparency.




Sim Racing Games For Avid Sim Racers


When it comes to sim racing, we all want to get the feeling of being behind the wheel of a racing car on a famous race track; well, with our Sim racing games, you can get behind the wheel of touring cars and hit the tracks and drive!


One of the safest options on the market today is sim racing; it allows you to participate in racing without the need to put yourself at risk. With modern technologies, the simulations available from our team here at Pure Sims are second to none. Get into the driving seat for one of the most realistic gaming experiences today.


Enjoy the traction, grip and even feel the tyres change beneath you as you rally around world-famous courses and tracks. We promise you won’t have been on a simulation like a Sim Racing set-up before!


All you need is the right platform, the proper hardware such as a PC or a console to play on, and accessories such as a steering wheel, pedals, modular rigs, monitor stands, from there you can expand your rig as you see fit, with brands such as Jinx you will be able to expand your Sim Racing setup endlessly. 


Sim Racing will provide you with so much more than a game to play on screen, it takes practice and time to perfect, but it can still be for both professional gamers and amateurs. Once you have got behind the wheel of one of the most realistic simulators in the world, you will want to be in the arena with participants from across the globe as soon as possible!

Here at Pure Sims we understand that this industry can be costly. This is why we have partnered up with Klarna to offer you the option to slice you cart total into three equal payment. It is super quick and easy, no stress, just simply add your card details, and away you go. The best this about this is that we can offer this to you at 0% APR!

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